How Do I Stop Employee Turnover?

Q: I’m a medical provider. I have one word for you – staffing. How can I cope with the constant turnover in my medical practice? Fortunately, my clients have not stopped coming in, but the continued stress on my overworked and dedicated employees is making them burned out while I look for help.
David K.  

A: David, there is not a one size fits all solution here. Traditional staffing hiring practices have changed because of a shortage of available employees.  But that doesn’t mean your due diligence should be altered. Hold the line. Continue to be methodical in your process and adhere to your hiring philosophy.  Whether you call it the great resignation or quiet quitting, this has dramatically altered the hiring landscape. But whether the eligible candidates are less than you remember or beneath your usual standards, your company culture should be, first and foremost, your biggest concern.  Making the wrong hire out of desperation could drastically alter your business and mission. Only you can make these decisions because you have your finger on your business’s pulse every day and every hour.  Being in triage mode (no pun intended) is not a reason to make the wrong hire.