What is Paletz Advisor?

PaletzAdvisor.com is led by attorney and business owner Matthew Paletz.  Matt specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses with practical, no-nonsense advice that’s been time-tested.   His expertise comes from his experience with the many business growing pains that any owner and entrepreneur have encountered. 
Bottom line: He’s been through it, so you don’t have to. 

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Why You Need Us

So many consultants tend to be really good at reading business books and studying other companies’ business case studies to try and help you succeed.  Unfortunately, they’ve never personally achieved the success they promote. We are not that type of resource.    

PaletzAdvisor.com features advice from experienced business professionals who are here to help you cut through the jargon and those naysayers who don’t believe you can accomplish your goals. We’ve been through a recession, a succession and have continued to adapt to grow through a global pandemic. We get it. 

We have the experience to help you weather the ups and downs of your business while helping you build and transform your goals, objectives and company culture.

In short, PaletzAdvisor.com’s number one goal is to share what we’ve learned through our own experience and trials, to fuel your business passion and growth. 

From a landlord-tenant law perspective, 2022 offered some hope for the future for landlords, while at the same time foreshadowing potential challenges on the horizon. Check out our annual Year-End Report to learn more: https://www.paletzlaw.com/2023/01/30/2022-year-end-report/

If you're in the market for actionable #business #insight then Paletz Advisor should be a regular stop on your pursuit of #smallbusiness knowledge. Check out our latest posts.


Company #succession doesn't have to be a dysfunctional TV show. In reality, if done right, it could be the key to multi-generational growth and stability for your #business and your #family.


Steve Jobs and even Tom Edison became innovators after being canned. Getting fired from a company that helped you learn the business world but harnessed your dream could be a good thing. BUT - you need a dream with a #strategy. #entrepreneurs #bigtech


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