Is it Time for Me to Give up My Remote Worklife

Q: After two years of working remotely, the post-COVID axe has fallen at my office and I’m being asked to come back at least three days a week. I’m assuming eventually it will be five. I’m not happy.  For the past three years, I’ve built a beautiful office in my home, allowing me the time to shuttle the kids to and from school. I’m panicking about going back to the day-to-day grind in the office. Should I quit or suck it up?

Amanda G. 

A: Amanda, the transition back to work has been overwhelming for many employees, but not knowing all of your circumstances, this is a decision that you and your family must make alone.  You can start by asking this question – is there a job out there that will pay you the same income or more and allow you to work at home?  Probably not. If you want to continue with your current job, you literally don’t have a choice. Even those who get permission at this time to continue working remotely are putting their careers in jeopardy because studies show that the first people to get cut from the payroll or passed over for promotions are those who don’t have relationships at the office.  I know this sounds like tough love, but you can either go back to the office, find another remote job or start your own business. Discussing these options with people in your circle or your family that you trust would be a good idea.  Good luck.