Is it Time for Me to Look for Another Job?

Q: I’ve been a 1099 employee with my company for over ten years now and, during that time, have made it well known to them that I’d like to be brought in full-time. I believe I’ve performed in a manner that would suggest that is my next employment step. I’ve had great feedback from clients regarding my work, and the company has often complimented me for my efforts in my decade-long employment. That said, they continually give me new reasons every year as to why I need to remain a contractor – from seniority to budget restraints, etc. At this point, I think it’s probably time for me to move on. Any thoughts?  

Ann W. 

From an employer’s perspective and not having any knowledge of your industry, general human nature dictates that if they haven’t offered you a full-time position after ten years, it will most likely not happen. They’ve probably pigeonholed you or categorized you to the point they only see you in one way. In this case, a contractor. Unfortunately for you, your company, from a financial perspective, is clearly in the driver’s seat and doesn’t feel they need to offer you health benefits or retirement plans. Companies can sometimes be short-sighted and get tunnel vision with employees, only seeing them in one light and not allowing them to grow with the company. 

In my case, I remember when a newly minted associate attorney interviewed with me for their first job as a lawyer. They had previously been a long-time administrator at a large reputable firm for several years and made an effort to go to law school while they held that job. Once they achieved their law degree, they had the personal understanding that they’d then be part of that firm. However, the lawyers there only saw this person as a clerk. This was good news for me as I scooped this employee up and they have become a tremendously valuable asset to my legal team, rising to a senior leadership level. 

The bottom line for you is that if you have legitimate grounds to feel underappreciated and undervalued, why would you stay with an organization that, for a decade, has treated you this way? It’s long past time to move on to a company that would appreciate what you bring to the table.