Am I Offering Something People Need?

Q: I’m thinking about starting a company that is right in the wheelhouse of my specific expertise. But I’ve been questioned about the need for my services by people who have advised me over the years on business principles. 
Ryan L

A: Ryan, before starting a business, a concept or launching a product, you really need to ask yourself: “What am I bringing to the table that customers need?”  Before you spend one cent or one minute launching your offering or service, figure out if this is a company people actually want, no matter how deep your expertise is. And listen to the people in your life who have no problem telling you the truth.  Before launching, give those people a specific presentation of what you want to do and why.  As I said, do not discount what these trusted individuals have to say. However, in the end, if you feel deep down that your company is viable, then I would never tell anyone not to go for it.