Matt Paletz’s Declaration of Principles

Citizen Kane has been called the greatest classic movie of all time. Released in 1941, directed by and starring Orson Wells, it tells the tale of the rise and fall of fictional newspaper publisher and popular icon Charles Foster Kane, based on the life of William Randolph Hurst. A reporter interviews those closest to Kane to get an understanding of the man behind the legend and of the meaning of his cryptic last word before he died, “Rosebud”. The movie was a technical triumph and the performances were equally stellar. 

In the movie, Kane, as he is embarking on creating his media empire, famously announces his Declaration of Principles. A Declaration is a proclamation. Principles are fundamental truths or propositions that serve as the foundation of beliefs. 

These are my five core pillars of what my intentions are with Paletz Advisor:

  1. Conscientious – Time is the most precious commodity we have – I promise never to waste your time.
  2. Valuable – I wish to help those in business realize their dreams.
  3. Motivating – I want to share with you my energy and passion.
  4. Authentic – We are all bombarded with online content. I pledge to be original and make this worth your while. 
  5. Edutaining – Although this is meant to be educational, I promise to be entertaining as well.