Matt’s Opening Statement

Now that I look back at this photo at the start of my career, all I can say is "brown pinstripes? What was I thinking?"

I am turning 50 this year and like most of you who survived COVID-19 both literally and in business, I used this as a time for reflection. I am very blessed as I have a loving wife, two amazing middle school boys and a law firm where I have assembled a team that I am passionate about.

Entrepreneurialism coupled with perseverance has always been in my DNA. As CEO of Paletz Law, I have steered the company through the Great Recession, a family succession, a global pandemic and a successful rebuild.

I have 30 years of business management experience and as I see this next generation so desirous of putting their ambition to the test, I now have the opportunity to share my expertise and mistakes made along the way.  With Paletz Advisor, my hope is to teach other business owners how to be successful by imparting to them what I refer to as  ‘Actionable Business Insight.’

The Paletz Advisor website, social media channels, and consultancy are designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with practical, no-nonsense advice that’s been time-tested by me and my team. Further, my intent is to use this as an online platform to provide even more content that will reach a wider audience without diluting the Paletz Law brand.

I’m asking you fine folks to help me get this off the ground by spreading the word to your friends and family, who I hope will subscribe to this monthly digest. I want to share my passion for business and entertain you as well while being authentic in the process. As my kids say “Dad, don’t be Sus, be Real.”


MIP (Matthew Ian Paletz)