Is Work/Life Balance Possible?

Q: I know this sounds cliche, but how do you handle a work-life balance personally? No matter how many adjustments I make, I just can’t figure out how to spend more time with my spouse and family. 
Lauren B.

A: Lauren, when I answer this question, and I’m asked this a lot, my answer depends on my mood that day. I struggle with this constantly and usually resign myself to admitting that work-life balance is always a fluid thing. The acute needs of your personal life, such as your relationship with your significant other and children, just like the needs of your business, is a constantly changing variable.  The best advice I can give you is to be mindful and engaged in both aspects as much as possible so that you can adapt accordingly on the days one needs more attention than the other. I know this is tough, and believe me, I sympathize with you.  It’s also the reason hundreds of books have been written on this topic. So, please do me a favor. If you somehow figure this out down the line, please let me know what works. I’m still trying to figure it out.